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Raven Skull Necklace



This is one of my first raven skull designs and still one of my personal favorites. I've been making it for several years but up until now, never in this size. Using a special casting material, I shrank this original skull down from 2-1/4" to just over 1-1/2" all the while retaining perfect proportion and detail. This new smaller version is cast in solid silicon bronze and utilizes my originally designed hanging system of running the chain right through the skull that has proved so popular in so many of my bird skull designs.  A new custom designed jewelry tag with my Moon Raven logo hangs proudly near the toggle clasp. 

AVAILABLE PENDANT METALS:  Bronze, Silver Plated White Bronze and Solid Sterling Silver
SIZE:        1-1/2"" Length
WEIGHT: 10. grams
CHAIN:     Bronze Version - 24" Antique Bronze Chain
                Silver Plated White Bronze Version - 24" Gunmetal Chain
                Solid Sterling Silver Version - 24" Matching Chain
All pieces arrive in a custom Moon Raven Designs Gift Box along with jewelry care instructions.
 2008 Michael R Doyle. All rights reserved.
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