Wolf Face Ascot Stickpin

$59.75 USD
This ascot stickpin is exactly that. A metal 'stick' with an wolf face adornment at the top and a 'clutch' at the bottom (to keep you from poking yourself and to keep your pin secure). It's one of the oldest styles of pins there is, often also worn on lapels, and lady's hats. It is very well suited to ascot wear over a tie tack or other style pin, because the long 'stick' helps keep the entire ascot secure, and the two flaps of fabric from separating while being worn. It also looks fairly deboinaire while doing so. 
The 1/2" wolf head is cast in solid white bronze with a sterling silver plated overlay, oxidized to enhance the fine details of this beautifully sculpted little carving. It is securely mounted on a 2" white gold plated ascot pin with matching fitted retaining clutch that contains the sharp point.

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