Solid Sterling Silver Hangman's Noose

$150.00 USD

This hangman's noose is cast in solid 925 sterling silver with an overall length of 2-1/2". It has the required thirteen wraps of a proper executioners knot. You'll notice the loop has a slight twist to it, just like a real noose. This is caused when you tighten the noose, the coils force the rope to twist when you pull it through the knot.

Traditionally speaking, thirteen coils is considered a true "hangman's" noose/knot, as anything less might strangle a person inhumanely. The true hangman's noose was designed to snap a person's neck, making death quicker and less painful. The number thirteen was thought to be unlucky. Consequently, thirteen coils were found in a hangman’s noose, a foreboding sign for those convicted to be hanged. For a hanging, the knot of the rope is typically placed under or just behind the left ear. When the condemned drops to the end of the rope, the force is supposed to break the neck. The knot is non-jamming but tends to resist attempts to loosen it.


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